US Patent Litigation Support Team

I am a partner of the MIN International Patent & Law Firm and the head of the US IP Litigation Support Team.
Our law firm was founded in 2009 by Yoo-Tae Min, who previously worked as a Director in the District Prosecutors' Office.
Our firm has several divisions with 31 attorneys capable of handling large-scale IP projects with the attention to
detail you get from small firms. We add value to your intellectual property case.

Our talented and highly qualified US IP Litigation Support Team is ready to support you with reliable and
client-oriented services that will provide you with comprehensive legal solutions to meet your needs.
We have advised and supported clients in all matters relating to US IP litigation support and have,
in particular, played a major role in the discovery process by reviewing and translating Korean documents
to achieve the desired result in the litigation.

We look forward to building a lasting partnership with you as your trusted US IP Litigation
Support Team in Korea.

Attorney-at-Law / Patent Attorney